Juneco Scale Models

389-C1 Canadian National Wheel Stops (4/pkg)
389-C2Canadian Pacific Bumper Kit
389-C3Canadian National Caboose Stacks (2/pkg)
389-C4Canadian National Spark Arrestor for GP-7/9 (2/pkg)
389-C5EMD Electrical Air Filter Box
389-C6Rerailers carried by most CN & CP Diesels (2/pkg)
389-C7Canadian National Wheel Stops - fits over rails (4/pkg)
389-C10Canadian National GP High Hood Bell
389-C11Canadian National GP Low Hood Bell
389-C12Canadian National F-Unit Bell
389-C14Canadian National F-Unit Sunshades
389-C15Replacement Steps for Athearn F-Units (2/pkg)
389-C16Canadian National F-Unit Winter Hatch
389-C17Canadian National GP Sunshades (4/pkg)
389-C18Canadian National PA and F-Unit Number Boards (2/pkg)
389-C19Canadian National Headlight for GP7/9
389-C20Brick Chimney (2/pkg)
389-C21Eave Brackets (12/pkg)
389-C22Small Double Hung Windows (3/pkg)
389-C23Two Double Hung Windows (3/pkg)
389-C24Single Double Hung Window (3/pkg)
389-C25Five Panel Single Door with Transom (2/pkg)
389-C26Double Door with Windows and Transom (2/pkg)
389-C27Double Baggage Door with Transom (2/pkg)
389-C28Diesel Loco Snow Plow
389-C29CP Curved Diesel Pilot
389-C30CN Wraparound Pilot
389-C31CN & CP Diesel Drop Step (2/pkg)
389-C32CN & CP Diesel and Caboose Radio Antenna (4/pkg)
389-C33Rerail Frogs as used on Steam Locos and some Diesels
389-C34Instrument Case
389-C35Relay Enclosure
389-C36Station Platform Passenger Steps (6/pkg)
389-C37Oil Drums (6/pkg)
389-C38Two Oil Drums on Stand (2/pkg)
389-C39Garbage Pails (6/pkg)
389-C4015 Standing Figures, unpainted
389-C41Wooden Boxes (6/pkg)
389-C42Shipping Crates (4/pkg)
389-C43Shipping Pallets (4/pkg)
389-C44Pails (6/pkg)
389-C45Torpedo Geep Conversion Kit - ONT, CV and GT
389-C46CP & ONT F-Unit Winter Hatch
389-C47Weight for Atheran 2-Bay Hoppers
389-C481/2 ounce Weights (6/pkg)
389-C491 ounce Weights (3/pkg)
389-C50Assorted Tree Stumps (15/pkg)
389-C51Assorted Wood Barrels (6/pkg)
389-C53CN SW-1200RS Winter Hatch
389-C54SW-1200RS Fuel Tank Modifications & Coils for Athearn Underframe
389-C57Straight Broom (4/pkg)
389-C58Push Broom (4/pkg)
389-C59Steel Square Shovel (4/pkg)
389-C60Round Shovel - Spade (4/pkg)
389-C61Fire Hydrant (3/pkg)
389-C62Grinder on Stand (2/pkg)
389-C63Vise on Stand (2/pkg)
389-C64Acetylene Bottle, Oxygen Bottle, Hose and Cart Set
389-C65Dummy Switch Motors (2/pkg)
389-C66Air Compressor, Shop Type
389-C67Water Pump
389-C68Sack - Leaning (6/pkg)
389-C69 Feed Sack - Open (6/pkg)
389-C70Stack of 3 Sacks (6/pkg)
389-C71Three Sacks Leaning (6/pkg)
389-C72Stack of 4 Sacks (6/pkg)
389-C73Stack of 6 Sacks (4/pkg)
389-C74Stack of 18 Sacks (2/pkg)
389-C75Single Wood Box Filled (6/pkg)
389-C76Milk Cans
389-C77Roof Vent
389-C78Cash Register and Paper Roll
389-C79Heating Radiators (2/pkg)
389-C80Oil Column - for filling oil tenders on steam locomotives
389-C83CN, GP38-2, GP40-2, SD40-2, 3 Chime Diesel Horn
389-C84CN, CP & GTW S-2, S-3, S-4 Diesel Exhaust Stack
389-C85Two Window Single Door - N Scale (4/pkg)
389-C86Freight Shet Door - N Scale (4/pkg)
389-C87Double Window - N Scale (4/pkg)
389-C88Single Window - N Scale (4/pkg)
389-C89Transom or Cellar Window - N Scale (4/pkg)
389-C90CN & CP SW-1200 RS Number Boards
389-C91Utility Pole Crossarm with Brackets (6/pkg)
389-C92Utility Pole Single Wood Pole Brackets (12/pkg)
389-C93Utility Pole Transformers (6/pkg)
389-C94Small Brick Chimney (2/pkg)
389-C95Engineer and Fireman, 2 unpainted figures
389-C96Red Cap and Red Cap with Luggage, 2 unpainted figures
389-C97Freight Brakeman, 2 unpainted figures
389-C98Station Master and Conductor, 2 unpainted figures
389-C99Pullman Porter, Dining Car Waiter & Passenger Car Conductor unpainted
389-C100Hobos, 3 unpainted figures
389-C101Section Hands with pick, shovel & wheelbarrow, 3 unpainted figures
389-C102Woman, Young Man and Old Man Walking, 3 unpained figures
389-C1031890 Man and Woman, 2 unpainted figures
389-C104Loafer and Kibitzer, 2 unpainted figures
389-C1051890 Engineer and Fireman, 2 unpainted figures
389-C106Pot Bellied Stove with Pipes
389-C107Three Different Seated Men, unpainted figures
389-C1081890 Cop and Telegrapher, 2 unpainted figures
389-C109Sheriff and Drunk, 2 unpainted figures
389-C110Mailman and Telephone Lineman, 2 unpainted figures
389-C111Back Up Light - DDGM Pyle Double Vertical w/jewels, plastic (2/pkg)
389-C112Back Up Light - DDGM Pyle Double Horizontal w/jewels, plastic (2/pkg)
389-C113Back Up Light - MLW Pyle Single w/jewels, plastic (2/pkg)
389-C114Back Up Light - DDGM Style w/jewels, plastic (2/pkg)
389-C115Back Up Light - DPGM Pyle Single w/jewels, plastic (2/pkg)
389-C116Back Up Light - MLW Pyle Double Horizontal w/jewels, plastic (2/pkg)
389-C117Headlight - Pyle Early Double w/jewels, plastic (2/pkg)

389-S12 Light Ground Signal (without bulbs)
389-S23 Light Ground Signal (without bulbs)
389-S32 Light Ground Signal (with 12 volt bulbs)
389-S43 Light Ground Signal (with 12 volt bulbs)                             

389-B5Marker Jewels, 4 3/4" Amber (12/pkg)
389-B6Marker Jewels, 4 3/4" Clear (12/pkg
389-B7Marker Jewels, 4 3/4" Red (12/pkg
389-B8Marker Jewels, 4 3/4" Green (12/pkg
389-B1012" Length Brass Chain, 20 links/inch
389-B11Marker Jewels, 4 1/2" Clear (12/pkg)
389-B12Marker Jewels, 4 1/2" Red (12/pkg)
389-B13Marker Jewels, 4 1/2" Green (12/pkg)
389-B14Marker Jewels, 4 1/2" Amber (12/pkg)
389-B15Marker Jewels, 7" Clear (12/pkg)
389-B16Marker Jewels, 7" Red (12/pkg)
389-B17Marker Jewels, 7" Green (12/pkg)
389-B18Marker Jewels, 7" Amber (12/pkg)
389-B19Jewels, 12" Clear (10/pkg)
389-B20Jewels, 14 1/2" Clear (10/pkg)
389-B113Wood Passenger Car Bolsters (1 pr)
389-B114Wood Freight Car Bolsters (1 pr)
389-B12312 Volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Clear (5/pkg)
389-B12412 Volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Red (5/pkg)
389-B12512 Volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Amber (5/pkg)
389-B12612 Volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Green (5/pkg)
389-B12712 Volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - White (5/pkg)
389-B1281.5 Volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Clear (5/pkg)
389-B1291.5 Volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Red (5/pkg)
389-B1301.5 Volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Amber (5/pkg)
389-B1311.5 Volt Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Green (5/pkg)
389-B132Red Diffused LED - Miniature (.120" Dia.) T-1 Size (2/pkg)
389-B133Green Diffused LED - Miniature (.120" Dia.) T-1 Size (2/pkg)
389-B134Yellow Diffused LED - Miniature (.120" Dia.) T-1 Size (2/pkg)
389-B135DPDT Miniature Toggle Switch (On-On)
389-B136DPDT-CO Miniature Toggle Switch (On-Off-On)
389-B13712 Connection Terminal Strip - Screw Type
389-B138SPST Miniature Toggle Switch (On-Off)
389-B139SPDT Miniature Toggle Switch (On-On)
389-B140SPDT-CO Miniature Toggle Switch (On-Off-On)

389-K1Canadian National Wood Sheathed Caboose Kit
389-K2Canadian Pacific Wood Sheathed Caboose Kit
389-K536' Truss Rod Flat Car Kit
389-K636' Truss Rod Gondola Kit
389-K836' Truss Rod Reefer Kit - Canadian Pacific
389-K936' Truss Rod Reefer Kit - Canadian National
389-K1036' Truss Rod Double Sheathed Box Car Kit
389-K1236' Truss Rod Double Sheathed Box Car Kit - CN
389-K2036' Truss Rod Double Sheathed Box Car Kit - Grand Trunk
389-K2236' Truss Rod Double Sheathed Box Car Kit - GT Pacific

389-P1Single Tunnel Portal - Stone
389-P2Double Tunnel Portal - Stone
389-P3Single Tunnel Portal - Cut Stone
389-P4Double Tunnel Portal - Cut Stone
389-P5Single Tunnel Portal - Random Stone
389-P6Double Tunnel Portal - Random Stone
389-P9Retaining Walls - Cut Stone (2/pkg)
389-P10Retaining Walls - Random Stone (2/pkg)
389-P11Bridge Abutments - Cut Stone (2/pkg)
389-P12Bridge Abutments - Random Stone (2/pkg)
389-P13Abutment Wings - Cut Stone (1 pr/pkg)
389-P14Abutment Wings - Random Stone (1 pr/pkg)

389-P7Single Tunnel Portal - Concrete (2/pkg)
389-P8Double Tunnel Portal - Concrete (2/pkg)
389-P16Single Tunnel Portal - Cut Stone (2/pkg)
389-P17Double Tunnel Portal - Cut Stone (2/pkg)
389-P18Single Tunnel Portal - Random Stone (2/pkg)
389-P19Double Tunnel Portal - Randome Stone (2/pkg)
389-P20Retaining Walls - Cut Stone (2/pkg)
389-P21Retaining Walls - Randoom Stone (2/pkg)
389-P22Bridge Abutments - Cut Stone (2/pkg)
389-P23Bridge Abutments - Random Stone (1 pr/pkg)
389-P24Abutment Wings - Cut Stone (1 pr/pkg)
389-P25Abutment Wings - Random Stone (1 pr/pkg)

389-3000Simplified Wiring